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Aims and Objective

The general aim of the College of Nursing Programme is to prepare the graduates to assume responsibility for preventive, promotive and curative care of people, sick or well and to act as professional Nurses. They are prepared to assume first-level positions in all areas of health and are expected to participate in teaching and managerial functions as well.

The specific objectives are as follows:

1. To meet the acute shortage of qualified nursing personnel in the country in general and the U.P. state in particular.

2. To promote and strengthen Nursing skills for better competence in the nursing profession in general and patient care in particular.

3. To produce Nurse administrators and educators in the Hospital and in the community for better implementation of National Health Programmes.

4. To provide qualified nurses to the country to cope with the advancement in Medical Science and Technology.

5. To enable them to get job opportunities at economically better positions.

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