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Labs and Classrooms

  • The college is well equipped with different laboratories namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Educational Technology for use of students under the supervision of respective teachers.

  • The College has received full assistance from Delhi University for computer networking and a computer centre is functional.

  • There is a provision for the crafts room. Students are required to make adequate proper use of these facilities.

  • Certain rules for use of laboratories are to be followed:

  1. To respect all materials of the laboratories and take special care of apparatus/equipment.

  2. To remain silent and focused while working in labs.

  3. All necessary precautions should be taken by sing burner, electric points and gas.

  4. Laboratories are meant to be learning spaces. No student can use the lab or computer centre in the absence of the teacher in charge.

  • We provide well designed, ventilated as well as lit in every classroom for enabling unhindered teaching and learning process with convenience and care as the key elements.

  • These classrooms are smart classrooms with online teaching and lecture delivery enriched aided by smart boards and projector systems. 

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