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ANM Nursing fresher have various choices after the completion of the diploma. After the successful completion of the ANM diploma, the graduates are registered as an ANM and is designated as a Nurse. They can start their career in nursing by joining as a Community Health Worker, Home Nurse, Health Visitor, Basic Health Worker & Rural Health Worker. Below are the other job profiles in which ANM Nursing diploma holders, after gaining some experience, in the field can expect to work as:

  • Community Health Nurse

  • ICU Nurse

  • Staff Nurse

  • Nursing Tutor

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Senior – Nurse Educator

  • Home Care Nurse

  • Teacher – Nursing School

  • Health Care Nurse

Besides joining any hospital or organization, ANM diploma holders can also continue their education by pursuing higher education. After completing the ANM diploma course the graduates are eligible to pursue the GNM diploma programme. And, after completing the ANM and GNM both the graduates will become eligible to pursue BSc Nursing and BSc (Post-Basic) Nursing programmes.

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